Daily Update

Rich Lowry writes about the pre-existing lie in today’s National Review on line edition.  Here is a handy list of the actually taxes being eliminated by the House version of the health care bill passed put together by American for Tax Reform.    Senate Republicans, however, are looking to make substantial changes to the bill.  Some may be welcomed, but the ultimate goal must be to dismantle Obamacare and save the burdensome taxes mandated by government interference.  Legislators must remember this:  health care is NOT a right.  

President Trump is looking forward to a lasting legacy in the federal court system.  Here is how the Washington Times covers President Trump’s nominees.  

Jason Sneed writes in the Daily Signal that while the left ignores voter fraud, more evidence mounts to prove them wrong.  

Ira Stoll calls out the democrats’ amnesia in ending a government program.  

Speaker Heastie,  who hasn’t supported a crackdown on violent gangs believes that  “A better approach is to discourage people from engaging in gang activity in the first place, and that is where the focus should be.”  A very magnanimous response, but completely unrealistic. If parents cannot discourage the activity, how is government going to be able to keep them out of gangs? Do you seriously believe a curriculum in schools will make a difference?  What makes you think potential gang members are attending classes?  When that doesn’t work, will you suggest handing over money to keep gangs happy?  How much will be enough?  For four years the NYS Senate has made an effort to keep citizens safe; isn’t it time you do the same?

Seriously, how can the head of an important agency “misunderstand” vehicle policy?   Mayor de Blasio: birds of a feather flock together.  There, I said it.  And will continue to say it until you and your compatriot are gone..

The City Journal examines the Ilse of indebtedness, the future home of the Speaker of the City Council.  

Congratulations to the Manhattan Institute on 40 great years….and more to come.  

Errol Lewis writes in the NY Daily News that republican/conservative ideas are welcomed in New York City.  Kudos to Mr. Lewis for seeing the light and making it visible.