Weekly Wrap-Up

Democrats have been “Russian” to judgement, but the left’s “tinfoil-hat brigade” of conspiracy theorists and sore losers continue to lose credibility with their claims of collusion between President Trump and Russia.

And the sorest loser of them all, Hillary Clinton, is stumbling back into the political arena with a new group aimed at taking down President Trump – a task that Hillary’s had problems with before, you may recall. Hillary claims she’s now part of “The Resistance,” but can she resist scandal? 

Hillary’s new PAC is said to be called “Onward Together,” based on her oh-so-successful campaign theme “Stronger Together,” but I’ve come up with some names that I think would be better – pick the one you like best in the first question of our new Weekly Poll. 

We’ll keep with this theme for the second Weekly Poll question, too: How do you plan to “resist” Hillary’s latest venture into politics? (Standing strong with the Conservative Party is one option – we’ll be working hard for you here in New York to support candidates and ideas that I’m sure will be dismissed as “deplorable” by Ms. Clinton.)

Unemployment is down and Obamacare is on its way out this week. Many are saying good riddance to a system that’s already collapsing in on itself.

Now it’s time for the Senate to act, and it’s also time for the GOP to think far beyond just replacing Obamacare. 

President Trump marked this week’s National Day of Prayer with an executive order protecting religious liberty – a very good start to his second 100 days.

And we learned more this week about Andrew Cuomo’s “incredible shrinking free college program” and all the strings attached. If Cuomo was teaching a college class on his fake free tuition giveaway, what do you think would be the best name for it? That’s the third and final Weekly Poll question this week. 

Have a great weekend!