Daily Update

Fox News looks at what is in the revised American Health Care Act as the House is set to pass it. The Senate will have opposition to it led by Sen. Charles Schumer, so this is most likely not the final version.  It may end up in a Conference Committee, but it is the first step in ending Obamacare. The Washington Times gives us another look at the proposal.  

CNBC covers the Bill and vote.  How did your Congressman vote?  Click here to find out.  

It passes…217-213 20 Republicans voted no and as well as every democrat.  

Apparently, democrats have a short memory.  

Director Comey, while I understand your statement that Huma Abedin “had no criminal intent”, certainly she knew that her husband did not have security clearance.  Isn’t there a moral obligation to hold those in esteemed positions to a higher standard?  This is twice that (we know of) you refused to hold people of stature accountable for their actions.  Explain that to the hundreds of people in prison convicted of lesser transgressions.  But, I will give you credit for letting us know of this reckless behavior.  Anyone surprised by this?  Remember what Bill and Loretta said about the Phoenix meeting…we just talked about our grandchildren, golf, and travel.  Thank heavens, the American voter saw through the fake news.  

Guy Benson asks the question:  Why Wasn’t Huma Abedin Charged for Verifiable, Criminal Mishandling of Classified Material?  

How sick is this?    But, there is hope that things like that will change! Kellyanne Conway: First Few Months of Trump Admin Should ‘Give Great Heart and Comfort to Pro-lifers Nationwide’.  Be sure to RSVP for our dinner and to take an advertisement in our journal to let the administration know that you appreciate their positive position on pro-life matters and religious freedom.  

Nicole Gelina states the obvious:  De Blasio may be the first mayor to defend public corruption.