Daily Update

The National Review calls on Congress to pass the current version of the health-care bill even though they still have serious reservations regarding the bill.  You can read why here. Obviously, the health-care issue must be resolved as people’s frustrations are understandable.  National Review also offers a solution to insuring the uninsurable, which is a major portion of the inability to come to an agreement.  As the AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens, the alternative to AARP that supports Obamacare) notes:  Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare Will Happen Because There is No Alternative.  

Tammy Bruce opines in the Washington Times that President Donald Trump is being tested by Obama’s leftover priorities.  

Hillary:  You LOST, enough of your whining.  All of the items/people you try to blame for your loss were directly related to things that you did.  You are your own worst enemy; driven by the blind lust of wanting to be the first female president and not focusing on wanting to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world and what you could do to make it even better.  

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has lost her mind!  Does the Speaker really think that tax-payers are willing to give over their hard-earned money to hire attorneys to help violent felons fight deportation?  She has crossed the line once again and has no regard for the safety of New Yorkers.  Ms. Mark-Viverito has said on many occasions that when she retires she will return to her native Puerto Rico.  Obviously, she has the same spending problems Puerto Rico has had for years and she will be living the life at home spending the money you have paid into her pension.  

The NY Post editorial is rightfully calling of Ponte’s resignation…we all know Mayor de Blasio will not fire him.  

If you have our Mobile App, you would have read this earlier:  John Flanagan stands up for the New York City kids.  

Jimmy Kimmel comes under fire for using his infant son’s very serious health problems to push an extremely partisan emotional call for something he really is not qualified to discuss, especially when his emotions are still so very raw.  That is part of the problem we taxpayers are facing; we are forced to pay for things based on emotion, not reality.  We pray for infant Billy Kimmel; and for Bret Baier’s son Paul (who has never used his son’s health problems in a partisan manner) and the thousands of other children who have serious health conditions.  They are so very blessed that they have been born in a country that can save them medically and that government has NOT become socialized…yet!  

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