Weekly Wrap-Up

Andrew Cuomo claims that the state’s new budget rejects “the politics of division” – in a Daily News piece in which he accuses those who disagree with him of facilitating “a surge in bias-motivated threats, harassment and acts of violence,” opposing “diversity and inclusion,” attempting to “take a wrecking ball to our health care system,” and trying to “create a religious test for immigration.” He says that conservatives – you and I – are “committed to policies that will hurt the middle class and the most vulnerable among us.”

When Cuomo talks about “unity,” he lies. He hates conservatives and everything we stand for, and has made it clear that we “have no place in the state of New York.” 

And for the record, that “surge” in violence has proven to be a surge in liberal hoaxes; left-wing politicians like Cuomo define “hate” as “anything I disagree with”; “diversity and inclusion” do not extend to anyone who disagrees with Cuomo’s Democratic Party; Obamacare itself is the “wrecking ball”; the “Muslim ban” is fake news; liberal policies, and especially Andrew Cuomo’s, hurt the middle class; and the Cuomo Administration has been one long, drawn-out ambush on “the most vulnerable among us.” 

In that same article, Cuomo states that “Never has New York… produced more impactful legislation.” I guess he’s telling the truth about that – the impact will be everything from bigger-than-ever government that New Yorkers can’t afford to more “free” programs that ensure failure, to a new migration out of our state to more taxpayer-friendly locales. 

All three questions in our new Weekly Poll are focused on the Cuomo budget. They are: 

1)    What do you think will be the WORST IMPACT of this budget? 
2)    Which part of the New York state budget do you find MOST objectionable? 
3)    Overall, how would you describe the new Cuomo/Albany budget? 

I look forward to your responses – unfortunately, there are lots of bad apples to choose from in this budget.

As I’m sure you noticed, our Weekly Wrap-Up is a day early this week – tomorrow we’ll be observing Good Friday. We’ll see you back here Monday – until then, have a wonderful Easter weekend!