Daily Update

When Cuomo says ‘reform,’ he’s planning a power grab.  

Eva Moskowitz: State budget a ‘travesty’ for charter schools.  

Bob McManus writes in the NY Post:  With this year’s budget, Cuomo betrayed charter schools.  

The Daily Signal writes about the true costs of New York’s free college program.  

Kudos to university President Rita Cheng (Northern Arizona University) takes her responsibilities to heart — gives students the right message.  

David Keene takes us back in history in a  powerful column that looks at the foul fruits of Woodrow Wilson.  Mr. Keene also opines on the half-baked lies of Susan Rice.  

Speaking of Susan Rice, the more we know the more we need to know.  

Congressman Joe Crowley’s family is back to Queens Supreme Court…for jobs..

Sessions: The Border is Not Open, Do Not Come.  The Daily Signal has 5 takeaways from AG Sessions border trip.  

Tillerson says US-Russia relations at ‘low point,’ calls for improving ties after Putin meeting.  BREAKING NEWS:  Russia votes NO … UN resolution to condemn Syria  chemical attack fails.  

Grandparents and parents:  Be aware of the books you are buying for your young ones to read. Ben Shapiro writes about the insanity of the left’s child gender confusion agenda.  

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams and his excellent wisdom.