Daily Update

As more and more people have a chance to review the NYS Budget, there is increasingly more grumbling than in previous years.  You know you have problems with a “progressive” program when the NY Times questions if it was well thought out.  The Tribune Review called it an illusion, not a solution. The Sun says “free” tuition includes “golden handcuffs,.” while the Empire Center says “free” tuition police comes with strings and baggage.   Tom Precious writes in the Buffalo News how students react to the “free” tuition plan that locks them in New York for years.  

Another section of the NYS Budget will allow coverage of fertility services for low income women; one more section where experts say the language is “jumbled and confusing.”  Read what Chairman Mike Long had to say about the costly coverage.    

Mr. Mayor:  Seriously?  Another case of Mayor de Blasio not following his own advice.  

The citizens editorial board at Auburn.com says the Governor’s “middle class recovery act” is another state mandate that amounts to busywork that will costs taxpayers.   This is how the NY Post editorial explained it:  Cuomo’s phony win against a phantom menace.  

Jim Geraghty opines in NationalReview.com and send out a Morning Jolt.   The one he wrote for today has a very interesting section on American’s West and America’s Rest.  It is the second segment on the page and it does not have a permanent link.  Read it today to learn what could be happening in the main stream media.  

Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) says the corruption on Capitol Hill is worse than you think.  

Matt Vespa writes in Townhall.com about tin foil hat time.

Record intake in federal taxes, and we are still run a deficit.  

Pyongyang’s strategy could be a ticking time bomb.