Daily Update

E. J. McMahon has an excellent article on Gov. Cuomo’s thought-free tuition offer.  As always, he makes excellent points on the illusion of free college tuition.  The NY Post editorial on Gov. Cuomo’s headline grabbing idea will deepen the student-debt crisis.

Empire Center advises us that the latest NYS Budget spends at $5,169 per second.  For more on their analysis of the budget:  click here.  

Report: New York Gives Corporations More In Tax Breaks Than Any Other State.  

Donald Devine asks this question in the Imaginative Conservative:  Is capitalism the enemy of the family?  

Surprise: Trump’s calm, competent global leadership.  

Newt Gingrich: Three critical things everyone needs to know about Trump’s Syria airstrikes.  

Rich Lowry has this to say:  Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge.  

Kudos to Peggy Noonan!  The Pulitzer for commentary is indeed a rare honor for a conservative.  

Maryland lawmakers come to their senses and withdraw a bill that would have made Maryland a sanctuary state.   

Is Barack Obama attempting to influence how Germany will vote in September?  

Cal Thomas, never one to mince words, has a few words of wisdom in this week’s column.  

Gillibrand criticizes Trump’s spending priorities.  Here is how Chairman Long’ responds to her criticism.