Daily Update

It is Official: (Photo Credit:  AP Photo/Evan Vucci)  The judge becomes Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch!  Congratulations to Justice Gorsuch and to President Donald J. Trump who understood how important it is to have men of his stature on the US Supreme Court.  Chairman Long had this to say in a recent interview on Justice Gorsuch. Now that Associate Justice Gorsuch is settled, it is time to start filing other vacancies in the federal courts.  

The Trump Administration is back to square one on tax reform, as they do not want the pitfalls encountered with health care.  

This judge is not making the decisions that will lead him to a seat on the US Supreme Court.  His decision to allow NYC to destroy personal records of those who applied for the NYCID card is misguided and should be overturned on appeal. 

For all the public employees counting on writing off their union dues, please read this., 

The recently passed budget will only encourage hard working New Yorkers to move out of state, where they will only have to work to pay their own children’s tuition and not the tuition of children they do not know, where the is no pork-barrel fund that gives away cash with no oversight, that does not have the most generous subsidies in the nation for film and TV,  and millionaires are not punished with additional taxes, among other ill-conceived policy — Raise the Age– that the budget contains.   

E. J. McMahon and Rob Astorino were both on Fred Dicker’s radio program this morning with more on the budget.  (E. J. begins at the 9:20 mark)

I’m really tired of being talked down to by Governor Cuomo.  Does his press release on his Easter Egg Hunt at the Governor’s Mansion, (remember he does not live there but apparently is already pretending to be president) have to include ” that weapons and controlled substances as well as bags, backpacks, luggage, parcels, briefcases and similar articles are strictly prohibited from the event.”  He must really think that he is the only intelligent person in NYS. 

Heather MacDonald speaks out for free speech, especially on college campuses.  

Stephen Moore opines on how government makes the poor poorer.  

So, The Obama Administration Knew Syria Didn’t Hand Over All Its Chemical Weapons, But Lied To Us Anyway?