Weekly Wrap-Up

How do you think President Trump is doing? 

The Wall Street Journal is keeping track of the President’s first 100 days, and United Press International is also tracking the Administration’s actions so far – and I know Conservative Party supporters have followed the news themselves, weeded out real stories from “fake news,” and formed their own opinions. 

So here’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll: As we enter the third month of the Trump Administration, how satisfied are you with President Trump’s job performance so far? 

I’m very interested in seeing how the responses to this question shake out. 

One thing President Trump is doing is making American energy great again by bringing back the Keystone Pipeline and rolling back the Obama Administration’s phony “clean power” regulations.  Of course leftists are losing their minds and filing lawsuits – it’s what they do. 

What word do you think BEST describes the left’s environmental activists? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll – can you settle on just one?

With Nikki Haley representing US interests at the United Nations, there’s a tough new sheriff in town laying down the law – about time, if you ask me. President Trump has called for a major cut in U.S. funding for the UN, and those cuts are starting to take shape

Get our your scissors for the final Weekly Poll question: How much do you think U.S. funding for the United Nations should ultimately be cut? 

Have a great weekend!