Daily Update

This week is shaping up as a busy news week both in Washington and Albany.  Albany has no budget, not surprising, since so many components of the proposed NYS budget do not belong in it as they are policy issues.  Governor Cuomo has offered “an extender” budget bill to supposedly prevent a shutdown of government, however the extender bill contains over 1700 pages and seems to have more than budget issues in it daring the legislators to shut-down government.  Chaos reigns again.  (Could this turn into a good chaos if the members of the legislature insist that policy issues do not belong in the budget, ah, but I dream.)

One of the major reasons the NYS budget spends far too much is due to Medicaid costs.  George J. Marlin confirms ideas brought forward will contain, even trim back, some of NY’s costs.  Bill Hammond, writing in the NY Torch explains how some members of the legislature keep adding to Medicaid costs by introducing legislation that ultimately become unfunded mandates on taxpayers. His column really is a fascinating look into how the costs have become unsustainable.  

The Washington Free Beacon had a short column yesterday with this headline:   Schiff Can’t Say There’s Evidence of Trump Campaign Colluding With Russia.  Rest assured, if Congressman Schiff had come across a scintilla of evidence, he would be shouting from the mountain tops. The fact that he is reserved, should lead people to believe what he saw in the evidence that there is far more to this story.  We need Paul Harvey back.  Do you remember this gem that Paul Harvey delivered 52 years ago today

The US Senate Judiciary Committee is voting today to advance Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, which will be filibustered by Sen. Charles Schumer.  Shame on him.  Does he not remember what he has said and done in the past?  Chris Cuomo is becoming more like his partisan brother every day.  Sen. Schumer picks up another misguided democrat.  

Did you see this on Fox and Friends this morning?  Explosive news that is breaking (despite the main stream media trying its best to suppress it) on the surveillance of Trump and his associates for a YEAR.  And this afternoon it is being reported that Susan Rice is the unmasker.!  Yes, the very same Susan Rice who outright lied about Benghazi.  

Paul Harvey warned us 52 years ago, many did not listen then, if we don’t do something now, it really will be a lost cause.  Begin by stopping Sen. Schumer from denying a good man, Judge Neil Gorsuch,  his place on the US Supreme Court.  Call his office, even if you have already called.  Washington Office 1-202-224-6542 or the NYC office:  1-212-486-4430