Daily Update

The Investigative Post finalizes its series with an article lamenting how difficult it is to analyze the results of subsidies to companies.  In other words, government makes it difficult to assesses if the investment is a good one for taxpayers, probably because most times it isn’t. 

Governor Cuomo’s wants more of your money to spend the way he wants to…so one of the tax increases he is calling for is taxing and restricting the use of e-cigarettes using the guise it is harmful.  His conclusions are not based on sound science.  Read more here

No surprise here:  The Conflict of Interests Board rules AGAINST Mayor Bill de Blasio!  Calls his plant to pay for his defense illegal.  

The Mayor’s pandering to the progressives is an insult to all hard working citizens in New York city.  His plan to employ every inmate who served time in jail — to the tune of $10 million of YOUR money — is outrageous when there are people who have lived by the rules and cannot find a job.  What is he thinking?  Does he want to push all of the responsible people out of the greatest city in the nation?  And while he is employing former felons, he has no problem giving them a place to live also.  

Yesterday we told you about the 10,000 petitions signed by people who do not want Judith Clark released on parole… citizens like you and I that believe the cold-blood killing of two police officers and one guard requires the people responsible for the heinous crime should serve the maximum term.  Today we learn of a group of elected officials who want to parole Judith Clark. We though you should know who they are

The Empire Center explains defunding the NY SAFE Act actually does nothing to dismantle this ill-conceived idea.  

Take Two-and-a-Half Minutes to See How Hypocritical Democrats Are on Filibustering Supreme Court Nominees.  But it appears that isn’t going to stop the Senate republicans:   It’s On: GOP Appears Ready to Go ‘Nuclear’ if Democrats Mount Indefensible, Unpopular Filibuster of Gorsuch.  Robert W. Merry writes in the Washington Times about his concerns if the filibuster is used or “nuked” by the once prestigious US Senate. 

North Carolina’s democratic governor puts money over safety…republicans cave to pressure.