Press Release regarding the NYS Budget

Brooklyn, NY – The following legislative memo has been sent to the Members of the Legislature regarding this year’s budget.

2017 Legislative Memo…

NYS Budget Items…

The looming budget deadline is fast approaching and the Conservative Party is deeply concerned that the NYS Budget will spend taxpayer’s money on programs that are a colossal waste of tax dollars while also facing cuts in federal monies coming into the state leaving New York in a deep fiscal quagmire.

Now is not the time to allow Governor Cuomo to have more control of economic development funds.
Now is not the time to offer tuition free college, especially when too many students in kindergarten through twelfth grade need the basic supplies required for a good foundation in education.
Now is not the time to extend the “millionaire’s tax” and push additional wealthy New Yorkers to states that do not punish success.
Now is not the time for the NYS Budget to Raise the Age of criminal responsibility. This is an issue that does not belong in budget negotiations.
Now is the time for education tax credits, expansion of charter schools and/or funding of the non-profit children’s education scholarship fund.
Now is the time to deliver on the promise of mandate relief.
Now is the time to reduce the burden of taxes.
Now is the time to let the free-market system work with entrepreneurial ideas like UBER.
Now is the time for government to invest in protecting its citizens with good roads, bridges, and water.

New York citizens do not need lofty ideals driving the budget that ultimately fail and leave taxpayers paying the bills well into the future.

New Yorkers need a responsible budget.

LM 2017-07