Daily Update

The Daily Signal gives us insight on how AG Jeff Sessions plans to fight sanctuary cities.   Here is how Fox News covers the plan.  Unfortunately, far too many city leaders across America will defy the very oath they took when they accepted the responsibility of elected office.  

Why does a company that had $1.5 billion in profits need state subsidies?  

The NY Post opines on money for nothing: Cuomo’s $25 billion upstate-jobs failure.  

Stephen Moore opines on the false compassion of liberalism and Brian M. Riedl opines in the NY Post on the fact that President Trump’s “heartless” budget doesn’t slash the safety net.  

Dan Profit has an excellent in depth podcast with David Keene that you can listen to here.  

Cal Thomas has some great advice for President Trump.  

Good news on climate change:  President Trump signs executive order to end most of President Obama’s climate change regulations.

More good news:  Dems unable to win seats in elections so far in 2017. 

Did the Democrats celebrate too soon?  The NY Times says the AHCA is back.  

Guy Benson writes in Townhall.com how Sen. Schumer is closing in on 41 votes to filibuster Judge Gorsuch.  Have you signed the petition yet to have Senator Schumer stop the politics?. Do it now, then call his office.   (Washington Office 1-202-224-6542 or the NYC office:  1-212-486-4430)

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