Daily Update

The NY Post opines that “sanctuary” policies shouldn’t protect thugs, we agree and go a step further to say “sanctuary” policies are against the US Constitution.  People who have come to American legally do not need “sanctuary” policies as there are numerous government agencies assisting legal immigrants and refugees.  Governor Cuomo just started another one called the Liberty Defense Fund on Friday. This is an update from news that broke on Friday:  AG Jeff Sessions says he will punish sanctuary cities, cities could lose billions of dollars.  Call the White House (202-456-1111)  and tell them Thank  You for doing what you can to keel us safe!  Before progressives lose their cool, they should understand this is a policy from the Obama Administration that he just didn’t administer.

America is a fierce defender of freedom of religion and a fiercer defender of our US Constitution. One of the concerns looming in our justice system is the need for some Muslim’s to have Sharia Law upheld in America…a door that when opened will fundamentally change our justice system. 

The Daily Signal enlightens us on the consequences of immigration on America’s public schools., and gives President Trump an “A” for doing this

The Daily Signal also writes that our favorite democrat, Sen. Zell Miller, could teach President Trump how to drain the swamp.  

Jim Heaney is the talk of Albany with his InvestigativePost.com article on the State of Subsidies.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sunk a lot of taxpayer money – $25 billion by his estimate – into recharging upstate’s moribund economy, according to the chart in the article, upstate’s job growth under the Cuomo administration grew a paltry 2.6%.  This year’s budget will waste more of your hard earned dollars.  

Jimmy Vielkind writes in PoliticoNY on the 7 things to watch during Albany’s budget crunch week.   Remember, it is an article in PoliticoNY and Mr. Vielkind, while he has good sources, he is not in the room during negotiations.  

Monday’s with Robert Knight.