Daily Update

Jim Geraghty writes in National Review about GOP-amacare with a critical eye.  He’s right, the bill offered yesterday leaves a lot to be desired from the conservative perspective, but there is time to make some more substantial changes, however, it will never be a perfect bill.  Government does not belong in the health care business, but that ideal is long gone unfortunately, so we have to work together to eliminate some of the more objectionable aspects of the proposal.   Here is the  first quick article by the Heritage Foundation on the proposal.  The Washington Times has another quick assessment here.   

Mayor de Blasio will do almost anything to be re-elected.  While he is right to block the “Right to Know” act, everyone knows he would sign the bill on the day after he was re-elected.  Is it any wonder why politicians are not trusted?

Seriously?  Has the Board of Regents completely lost their purpose which according to the NYS Department of Education is “Our mission is to raise the knowledge, skill, and opportunity of all the people in New York. Our vision is to provide leadership for a system that yields the best educated people in the world., “How will they be able to do this if they cannot pass the Academic Literacy Skills Test, which is designed to measure prospective teachers’ reading and writing ability. I think the Board of Regents should hear from people concerned about the possibility of this passing on Monday.  Click here to let them know eliminating the Academic Literacy Skills Test is unacceptable.  

Mayor de Blasio’s questionable school consultants cost taxpayers millions.   Money that could go into actual student needs, might I add. 

New York is most unionized state – by far.  

Why do we need a $2000 credit to buy an electric car?  Aren’t you sick and tired of having government bribing you to do what they want?  If people see an advantage in buying an electric car, then buy it.  It seems to me lately that government is the only entity that gets away with bribing people. 

Why does government have to subsidize the cost of diapers?

Cal Thomas opines on the Trump effect.