Daily Update

This is a must watch video: Lost Voices in the Transgender Debate: Liberals and Conservatives Unite.  

Bill Hammond explains, with straightforward reporting, how the new GOP health care proposal will effect New York State here and here.  The Heartland Institute (their  mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems) examines the GOP proposal for health care.  Congressman John Faso was a guest on the Fred Dicker radio show this morning and spoke very succinctly about the new health care bill.  

Assemblyman Francisco Moya, a Queens Democrat is trying to reward those who come to New York State ILLEGALLY by allowing them to have a driver’s license.  What part of ILLEGAL does he not understand?  New York State should adopt Recall so all of the elected officials who refuse to honor the oath they took when accepting the responsibility of being an elected official can be removed.  

WikiLeaks reveals CIA files describing hacking tools.  The Washington Times reports that U.S. spies fear WikiLeaks carried out biggest intelligence breach since Snowden.  Charles Hurt had this to say about the “leak”.  Joseph Curl has this to say about all that has happened recently:  We live in truly terrifying times.   Here is what Matt Vespa writes on Townhall.com.  Then there is this:  U.S. officials aware of CIA security breach in 2016, say WikiLeaks papers authentic. Feds launch criminal probe into Wikileaks dump of CIA docs.  

Michael Goodwin’s column in today’s NY Post could be Lord Acton quote “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” instead of FBI chief Comey asserting power like no one in history.  Director Comey isn’t concerned, he’s here for another six years.  

National Review editors call for transparency in the wiretap brouhaha.  

Under de Blasio’s Renewal-Schools program, consultants win – kids lose.  

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.