Daily Update

Deportation agency ignored 1.6 million visa overstays under Obama.  Overstays pose an increasingly prominent problem in illegal immigration, with estimates saying that as the border has become more secure, migrants are attempting to enter by getting legal passes and refusing to leave when their time is up.

One County saw a 27% drop in assaults after it helped enforce immigration law. The Daily Signal has the rest of the story.

Trump to propose military buildup, cuts in foreign aid in first address to Congress.  President Trump  hasn’t addressed the nation yet, but that hasn’t stopped some democrats from criticizing his expected remarks.  

Rich Lowry opines on the hidden heart of unaccountable big government..  

The Empire Center for Public Policy looks at the possibility of a softer Medicaid block grant.  

McAuliffe Vetoes Bill to Investigate Virginia Voter Rolls With More Registered Than Eligible Voters.  Gov. McAuliffe proves he is blind to voter fraud as it clearly exists in Virginia.  Meanwhile, in Texas, the Justice Department rescinds a key part of a Texas law seeking to enhance the integrity of votes cast.  Seriously, how is showing a photo ID discriminatory?  If it is so discriminatory, why is it required for so many other things, like getting on an airplane.  

Mayor de Blasio, you have so many problems.  But, don’t worry Mr. Mayor,  here are ten good reasons to re-elect you.    

Remember the idiom “Be careful of what you wish for, lest it come true?”  Well those who wanted a $15 minimum wage may want to rethink their demand after reading this.  

Dennis Prager’s words of wisdom