Daily Update

Orange County legislator James O’Donnell is supporting a resolution to name the new Tappan Zee Bridge named in memory of the three men killed by the Brinks robbers on October 20, 1981, that, if adopted, would be a memorialization for the three murdered men.  To learn more about renaming the Tappan Zee Bridge and to join our efforts to do the same you can sign our online petition here.  

Keep Keith Doyle in prison.  On August 24, 1984 Keith Doyle, murdered Janice Amirante one week before her 19th birthday in a motel after an argument.  He then plunged her head in a sink of water to make sure there were no bubbles, removed the mattress from the bed, pried boards off the wooden platform and put her body inside and then replaced the boards and the mattress.  He kept the motel room key and 2 days later, when it was vacant he removed the body and dumped it in a drainage area where she was discovered a few days later.  Doyle was convicted of second-degree murder with extreme indifference to human life and was sentenced to 25 years to life. Download the petition to keep him in jail here and please send it to the NYS Board of Parole (address is on petition) or you can go online to the Board of Parole here.  

If we had this tool, police would be able to solve more cases.  

Fortunately for us, Mayor de Blasio has trouble picking winners, then again, the DNC didn’t do that great when they chose an Obama appointee Tom Perez, who will sue to get what he wants.  Did you know that under the Obama Administration the Economic Freedom Index plummeted from 6th to 17th?   

The Daily Signal wraps up national CPAC..  At CPAC, Panelists Discuss Role Vetting, Assimilation Play in National Security.  

Nicole Gelinas opines on the Port Authority’s highway robbery.  

Robert Knight opines on fake justice and the rise of a new religion.   

Preterition and the Press.   

Sometimes even “perfect” people make mistakes or should we say deliver “fake” winners instead of the real ones.  (sometimes you just have to laugh albeit everyone involved with La La Land was not laughing…)