Daily Update

One may expect the NY Post editorial to state that President Donald J. Trump hit a grand slam last night when he addressed the joint session of Congress, but when Van Jones says Trump became president tonight and democrats should be worried, you know that President Trump’s sincere speech is one for the record books.  The Hill is reporting that media left and right give Trump’s speech thumbs up.  Charles Hurt opines in the Washington Times that Trump’s speech leaves democrats befuddled, in ruins, with question marks.  

Sen. Charles Schumer, the Senate’s Minority Leader, apparently wants to remain MINORITY leader as he expressed that he didn’t hear anything he could support.  Leave it to Chuck, a fellow New Yorker, so biased that he cannot think straight; I wonder how the Dreamers will react to Sen. Schumer’s not hearing anything he could support.  

The Daily Signal points out what President Trump got right in the speech.  

The full speech is here, but grab your Kleenex for this tribute to Navel Seal Team member Ryan Owen, recently killed in Yemen.  President Trump was also able to make Carryn Owens smile — a true sign of a person who understands the emotion that transpired.   Not everyone was touched by the tribute, another indication that democrats will remain in the minority because We the People are tired of the empty political words they use to buy votes.  

This is a problem:  Pelosi: I’m ‘Proud’ of Democrats’ Decorum Last Night and another reason to enact TERM LIMITS.  This is another problem:  Democrats would not give Jamiel Shaw respect for the loss of his son when introduced by President Trump.  

Gov. John Kasich should just switch parties.   Hundreds Of Non-Citizens Registered To Vote In Ohio, Investigation Finds. 

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