Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we were reminded that there’s no such thing as outrage for the lawless left – but that’s not the case for those of us who still believe in the rule of law.  

In the liberal world, laws don’t apply to those hand-picked by the powerful. President Obama’s commuting of more than one hundred prison sentences (including many drug-related convictions) is just the latest proof.

Fortunately the Supreme Court has stepped in to curtail at least some of the Obama Administration’s contempt for the law. But that’s little comfort at a time when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have joined forces to sink America into almost constant scandal. 

And so we are faced with parodies of investigations into Hillary’s wrongdoing and an FBI that is now little more than an arm of the Democratic Party. It is heartening, though, that some agents are reportedly ready to revolt over the kid-glove handling of Team Clinton. 

Who is MORE lawless, in your opinion – President Obama with his executive actions and subversion of the Constitution? Or Hillary with her email abuse and Clinton Foundation corruption? 

That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. I hope you’ll give your opinion today.

Voter fraud is a form of lawlessness that could cancel out your vote and actually change the outcome of elections. But the left claims it’s all a myth

How big of a problem do you think voter fraud really is?  That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Another member of the lawless liberals’ Hall of Shame, Bill de Blasio, is making a spectacle of himself as the press dares to ask questions about corruption and incompetence in his administration. 

He’s acting less like a mayor and more like a frightened left-wing college student, desperately in need of a “safe space” from nosy reporters. As the Post notes, it’s becoming clear just how thin-skinned de Blasio really is. 

And what is de Blasio’s defense for all the crookedness of his administration? That his friend Hillary is being investigated too! With friends like this, who needs enemies? 

What word do you think best describes Mayor de Blasio’s behavior this week? Corrupt? Incompetent? Embarrassing? Immature? 

I’ve tried to give you plenty of choices (the ones that can be said in public, at least) in the third question of our new Weekly Poll.  I look forward to seeing which one people choose. 

Have a great weekend!