Daily Update

The president issued a memorandum on Wednesday entitled “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the National Security Workforce.” The memo requires all 17 intelligence agencies, including the Pentagon, State Department, and Department of Homeland Security, to report back in four months on their progress in collecting information about diversity in their workforces, such as employees’ sexual orientation and gender identity.  Obama listed “diversity” as “our greatest asset” in keeping America safe.  Who knew that the key to keeping America safe was diversity,   As long as the 17 intelligence agencies are diverse …all will be well with the world.  President Obama…how extremely naive of you to think Americans would agree.  To say that diversity is our greatest asset in keeping America safe is so farfetched it borders on being an even more egregious insult than Hillary’s quip that half of Trump supporters are deplorables. 

Of course, Hillary does not see anything deplorable about doing this for Chelsea’s friend.  Government cronyism, or the use of senior positions to help family friends, is not illegal. However, the practice appears to violate federal ethics rules that prohibit partiality, or creating the appearance of conflicts of interest.

Since diversity is all we need to keep us safe, we don’t have to worry about Iran any longer. Didn’t Tim Kaine tel us,  during the VP Debate,  that Hillary Clinton “eliminated the Iranian nuclear-weapons program without firing a shot” despite the fact that even defenders of the Iran Nuclear Agreement don’t attempt to claim it stopped the program. Truth be told, she and “President Diversity is our greatest asset to keep us safe” helped to reinvigorate a regime that was growing weak. 

Double Standard?  Sailor’s Mom speaks out on Hillary’s classified information and her son’s.

Is anyone surprised that President Obama felt the need to hire an army of PR staffers that cost taxpayers $500 million per year?

What does government do when it makes mistakes…continues to make more.  Government to pick plans for displaced health law customers.  Democrats are divided over Obamacare’s meltdown.  Somehow the Republican’s are blamed for its meltdown.

NY City teachers have a unique pension perkthatguarantees 7% return.  Great if you are a NYC teacher, not so great if you are a taxpayer and the annuity falls short. 

Governor Cuomo wants you to stop using cash at MTA facilities.

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