CONSERVATIVES RATE LEGISLATIVE MEMBERS Assemblyman Dean Murry scores highest with 95% Senators Akshar and Felder highest in Senate with 90% score

Fort Hamilton Station, NY (10/11/16) The Conservative Party released its ratings for the 2016 Legislative Session today in order to let the electorate know how their legislators voted on 20 key bills acted upon in the 2016 Legislative Session.

The Conservative Party tracks legislation throughout the session, issues support and opposition memos, and determines, at an executive committee meeting, which key issues including spending, crime, education, nanny state legislation and various other topics that affect the lives of New Yorkers, will be used. “We believe that it is necessary to keep the public informed of these key votes and let the taxpayers be aware of how elected officials spend our money. Every bill is considered, and then we choose a reasonable number to give voters a fair assessment of how tax dollars are spent, laws that effect the cost of doing business and the safety of citizens living in New York,” said Mike Long, State Chairman.

“A review of the twenty bills used in this year’s ratings will show voters how some passed bills are specious or costly to taxpayers and where they will help New Yorkers,” said Long. “The ratings give voters a scorecard on how their individual legislator voted on a diverse range of bills considered in the legislative session,” said Long.

“Assemblymen Dean Murray is the highest scoring member (95%) in this year’s ratings. Senators Fred Akshar and Simcha Felder scored the highest in the Senate with 90%,” Long stated

This year the overall New York State Senate rating is 69.5%, up from last year’s 62%. The Conservative endorsed legislators in the Senate scored 79.7%, while the Democrats scored a 57.4% average. The Assembly increased their overall average bringing it up to 41.8%. Conservative endorsed Assembly Members averaged 71%, while the Assembly Democrats averaged 29.5%.

“Before going to the voting booth in just 4 weeks, voters should review our ratings and consider how their legislators represented them. Conservative principles work for taxpayers and for businesses, voting for officials committed to conservative principles is the only way New York will be able to stop the hemorrhaging of people and jobs,” concluded Long.

Ratings are online here.

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