Daily Update

How many times do we have to meet a “new” Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has bigger problems that reinventing herself as the email scandal is proving.  The Daily Signal has more on the newest email problems.  The Hill is reporting that “the fixer” is ready to acknowledge that, “Yes, there were maybe some bad things that happened but now let’s move on,” doing what democrats do best:  sweep problems under the rug until the press moves on. 

It may not be that easy to “just move on” since Hillary’s America cracks the top 10 at the box office.  (To watch the trailer click on Hillary’s America).)

Hillary’s VP candidate – Tim Kain – promises a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in “first 100 days”, of course he would have to win to do that.  The DNC and prime time speakers avoid mentions of the real problems — terrorism and ISIS.  

Courtney O’Brien sums up last night at the DNC with a few paragraphs…most of the media misses the irony in some many of the speeches.  Ms. O’Brien also tells us that viewers are quick to remind Mrs. Obama that it isn’t true that Hillary never quits on anything with one word:  Benghazi

Will our blog be considered a dystopia place if we have this on our site

Upstate NY takes another hit with another business closing.

Anti-abortion duo behind Planned Parenthood videos cleared.  But nothing stops Planned Parenthood from demanding more – including wanting abortions expanded. 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.