Daily Update

Ralph Peters:  We have failed to protect Christians from Islamic terror.

The Daily Caller has an exclusive that the IRS is investigation the Clinton Foundation…we want to know why since the Obama Administration likes to sweep everything under the rug to make it go away. 

Michael Goodwin sums up last night’s DNC convention with this little tidbit about Hillary “But for one night, she was a saint. Her husband said so.”  Most of Goodwin’s column is great, however, I disagree with his statement that the “Democratic Party is not the same party it was a generation ago, and it’s definitely not Bill Clinton’s party anymore.”  Bill and Hillary were leftist when they entered the White House.  Hillary lobbied for government run health care, Bill’s agenda was forced to change when the Republicans stood strong in 1994.  Bill adapted to the changes sought and took credit, but neither ever changed their core beliefs; both are quite comfortable with today’s Democratic Party.  Sensible democrats are not, they become conservatives or republicans.   Americans are smart and understand how the Clinton’s are chameleons adapting to the current climate to consolidate personal power. 

Byron York: After Bill’s speech, is it ‘change maker’ Hillary or ‘steady’ Hillary?

Tammy Bruce gives us her take on the DNC Convention so far.  It ends with this “Recently, Hillary said if elected she’d put Bill Clinton in charge of the economy and during Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview, she said as president she’d be calling Mr. Obama for his advice. In other words, even Hillary doesn’t think she can be president. It’s the one thing we can trust her on.”

Steve Forbes: Voters Want ‘Reagan-esque Optimism’ and Positive Economic Change.

How the Clintons Got Rich Selling Influence While Decrying Greed

Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton

Mom of Cop Killed By Illegal Immigrant Makes Powerful Point About Little Girl Brought on DNC Stage.

Will Mayor de Blasio ever learn that an attempted cover-up makes it worse?  One-Term de Blasio has a problem outside of New York also

I would rather not post an article like this, but I would be remiss if I don’t.  Preparing for the Worst: How to Respond to an Active Shooter

Legislators may be in for a BIG pay raise

Does AG Schneiderman think he is above the law?  Rhetorical question, we know he believes his is the only investigations that truly matter. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.