Daily Update

The Democratic National Convention is off to a rocky start, as another email scandal shatters Hillary’s flawless coronation.  Wasserman-Schultz is out and Donna Brazile is in.  But Brazile is also implicated in the hacked email.  Leave it to the Democrats, especially Hillary,  to keep tapping someone with the same problems.  You know it is really bad when the medial cannot keep it under wraps just before the convention.

Politifact rules Clinton “fact” false.

Tonight’s DNC Convention is not dedicated to the police officers who do their best to protect our localities so be sure to read Robert Knight’s article on “Don’t Defend Yourselves“.

Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t having a much better day.  A former North Carolina Supreme Court judge has filed complaints with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel and a New York state ethics panel alleging that taxpayer-funded ads Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has run in North Carolina violated the Hatch Act by interfering with the gubernatorial and legislative races in that state

Governor Cuomo’s demand for a $15 minimum wage is closing local business at an alarming rate.  And the Empire Center reminds us how uneven the job growth in New York is, while George J. Marlin reminds us of Start-Up New York’s failure.

US Senate candidate Wendy Long and other candidates are making the rounds and bringing their message to citizens.    Michael J. Gaynor explains why Donald J. Trump needs Wendy Long to replace Sen. Chuck Schumer. 

Mayor de Blasio was a good student…of how to make the most of funny-money games. 

The Virginia Supreme Court hands Gov. Terry McAuliff (and Hillary) a huge loss and a win for the rest of us.

The latest nail in Obamacare’s coffin.