Daily Update

Solar City was touted as one of Buffalo’s economic saviors, then came this, then this and now this.  

The Washington Times on Obama’s legacy of race.

Did Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg cross the line when she went rogue?

From the NY Post editorial page: John Kerry’s pathetic ‘Hamilton’ excuse

Is anyone really surprised that Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to explain her position on Hillary’s email snafu.  The unintended — or maybe they were intended — consequences of the Comey/Lynch decision.   Robert Knight opines on the power of lawlessness.

Another glaring misuse of taxpayer’s money!

Deconstructing the natural family.

Investor’s Business Daily says Trump gets it right on reforming the VA.

So this is breaking news — The socialists endorsed the the democrat after he makes her turn further left. 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell — The War on Cops.