Daily Update

Dallas mom: Hero cop died protecting me and my sons.  This is what police officers do, protect people. 

Will President Obama continue to campaign for Hillary when she makes statements like this? There is no real friendship between the two of them and as long as she continues to jab our thin-skinned president one has to wonder how long he will stand by his woman. 

Hillary Clinton’s sell-out to teachers: Kids will pay the price,  This will help keep President Obama standing by his woman.

Maureen Dowd, writes this in the NY Times:  “Hillary willfully put herself above the rules — again — and a president, campaign and party are all left twisting themselves into pretzels defending her.”  How does a woman write this and still believe she should be president?  Her column ends with “The Clintons work hard but don’t play by the rules. Imagine them in the White House with the benefit of low expectations.”  So Americans should put a woman in the White House knowing full well she does not play by the rules — yet demands that everyone else does — and think that she will bring honor to the White House.  Electing Hillary will bring us closer to life in Panem. 

Hillary Clinton’s press conference phobia. Would you believe the author states in the article that”She’s just too damn professional for her own good.”  I guess he didn’t watch the FBI presser on Hillary’s non-indictment.  But he does go on to say “But Clinton’s inability or unwillingness to tolerate the mundanity of a press conference speaks to a psychological weakness that is almost unprecedented in modern American politics.”  Psychological weakness, extremely carelessness, untrustworthy…just some of the words used to describe the woman running for president of the greatest country in the world.

The Washington Post reminds us of an earlier near miss of a Hillary indictment. 

ObamaCare has city hospitals drowning in red ink

These 3 Conservative Policies Have Allowed Indiana’s Economy to Flourish.  Hmmm, does this give Governor Mike Pence an advantage in the VP race?

I’m a Mom. Here’s What I’m Doing to Fight Obama’s Transgender Agenda.

The Washington Free Beacon has an excerpt from Heather MacDonald’s new book, “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe.”  You can read it here.