Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo has found a new way to spend your hard earned tax dollars!  He will have a year long Lottery so 2000 winners who can not afford the $680 application fee for citizenship will be picked up by us!  There goes another $1, 360,000 of your hard earned money. 

I-TEAM: Cuomo Jobs Program Allows Firms to Count Foreign Workers as New Hires

Today’s New York Post editorial Facing the horrors of Dallas with grace and good sense show us how two good men lead by example.  John Podhoretz explains how President Obama ruined his Dallas memorial speech.   While many in the media praised POTUS’ speech — many also saw the self-serving political speech as just another political speech, not a memorial for our murdered police officers. Is there any wonder why police groups question Obama’s support.  Did we happen to mention that President Obama mentioned himself 45 times in his Dallas memorial speech?  Yes, 45 times!

Thank you, Professor Carol Swain, for having the courage to say the truth.  Rich Lowry has a few thoughts on Obama’s lies about police violence hurt more than they help.

The Daily Signal has a chart showing how much each failed Obamacare Co-Op received in loans.

George J. Marlin opines on how the left can’t tolerate free speech.  

Hillary Clinton Opposes Deposition Request in Federal Lawsuit.  Shouldn’t surprise anyone that she doesn’t want to be deposed.

 Was there a deal?


Part 2 of Thomas Sowell’s War on Cops.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams