Daily Update

Former defensive lineman for the NY Jets, Rev. Michael Faulkner, thinks the Hill and Bill (the Mayor, not her husband) “joke” was insensitive at the very least.  Here is the rest of what he said “On the Record.”

After that debacle, Hillary (and Bernie this time) are off in Fantasyland according to this NY Post editorial. 

A young officer was stripped of his gun, badge and paycheck just for speaking ill of the Mayor.  The officer puts his life on the line every day, speaks his mind in a non-threatening way against the Mayor and is suspended for that?  Will the “you can’t speak your mind police” start suspending others on the force. Maybe the Mayor should be suspended for his “joke”.  

Mayor de Blasio is in a place I’m sure he would rather not be…the sights of US Attorney Preet Bharara…who is not limiting his investigations to only the Mayor. 

A new book, The Closing of the Liberal Mind: How Groupthink and Intolerance Define the Left,” explains how we are losing our right to speak freely and our constitutional rights as well. 

The Daily Signal writes about the hypocrisy of Disney...and how large corporations are stripping us of our freedoms.

The Rockefeller Institute has a new report out on casino gambling.  The Albany Times Union sums it up with this headline: Gambling tax revenues are not a safe bet.  The Conservative Party knew that long before the report was considered.   

Why Obama is forgiving the student loans of nearly 400,000 people, total amount of debt if everyone takes the disability discharge (and why wouldn’t they since no proof is required), $7.7 billion will be forgiven, for them, not taxpayers.

Hillary admits her proposals have a $1 trillion price tag over a ten-year period

Seriously. people, where do you think this money is coming from?  Or don’t you care as long as you are elected. 

Campaign Lies, a bonus Thomas Sowell column.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.