Daily Update

This is a shameful lack of common sense.  It is things like this — Department of Education bungles — that allowed a grade-fixing principal to be reinstated, it is no wonder parents are clamoring to place their children in charter schools.

Bye-Bye Richard Emery, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Hmm, I wonder if this is included in the $1 Trillion tax increase Hillary will need for all her promises.

Hillary, please explain your hypocrisy on equal pay. Carrie Lukas opines in the NY Post on the same issue.  

Yates and Genesee Counties also have problems with the unfunded mandate to increase the salary of their District Attorney.

New York should follow Maine’s successful welfare reform to save taxpayers and encourage the American Dream. 

The Empire Center notes that incentives encourage Medicaid patients to choose well.

Re. Michel Faulkner wants to know where is the people’s champion.

Mr. President, can’t you get your Iranian friends to grant these Members of Congress a waiver.  By the way, everyone, but you, knew you couldn’t. 

The rapidly changing electronics world means rapidly changing laws.  Look for this case to end up in the US Supreme Court.