Daily Update

USA Today has a very harsh Op-Ed against the Attorney Generals who are conspiring to end free speech.  Read it here.  Maybe the reason the AG’s are trying to crack down on dissenters, is because more studies rebut the causes.

Kudos to the supervisors in Livingston County for trying to defy another state mandate that costs taxpayers.  And it isn’t only Livingston County that is faced with the mandated increases by the NYS Legislative Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation. If you check out short biographies of the commissioners, you can rest assured that they will always see a need to increase compensation.  If the commissioners were elected by the public and not appointed by those seeking increases, taxpayers may have a better chance of seeing their hard earned income being given to others, assuming they are still living in New York State. 

Longtime political reporter, John Gizzi, interviews Chairman Mike Long on the current presidential race and where the Conservative Party stands on the candidates.

Jonathan M. Bydlak, President of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, has a website, here, that is dedicated to advocating for reducing federal spending and balancing the budget.  You can take an active role by suggesting a candidate who will support Reduce the Debt Pledge or a candidate that needs to be held accountable to the Reduce the Debt Pledge.  Check it out here.

Sen. Mike Lee writes in the Daily Signal how Washington’s Bureaucracy Strikes Again.

Ryan T. Anderson, also writing in the Daily Signal, on liberal hypocrisy, has the quintessential question for liberals who choose to boycott Mississippi and North Carolina:  Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams Get to Follow Their Consciences, but the Baker and Florist Don’t?  Read his column here.

The Media Research Center shows how the major media outlets discriminate on the bills signed in Mississippi and North Carolina.

The price of admission to de Blasio’s “One New York”

Pat Buchanan continues to make the case for Trump.

While Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell continues to make the case against Trump.