Daily Update

Chairman Long on the upcoming April 19 Presidential Primary.

Mayor de Blasio has some explaining to do says the NY Post and the NY Daily News.

This is very disturbing. The fact that a US Attorney General kept the public in the dark about Iranian hackers until after President Obama had his Iranian Deal, is more than disturbing. One has to ask what other investigations will be manipulated for the benefit of President Obama?  Hillary’s rolls in myriad issues?

The Daily Signal exposes the good side of trade agreements.

US vows to block new Russian arms sales to Iran.  How, President Obama?  Will you draw a red line and tell Russia the arms cannot go past the red line?  Mr. President:  YOU gave Iran the money to make the deal with Russia.  Putin will laugh all the way to the bank.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich sums up Fox News’ weekend special featuring President Obama’s former Defense Secretaries in one word:  Brutal.

Governor Cuomo:  This is courage.  Banning non-essential travel is so juvenile.

File this under:  Competition Works.

Emmett Tyrrell exposes the changes the Obama Administration is making in your neighborhood under the radar. 

Did you know that President Ronald Reagan had a connection to Merle Haggard?  Some of Haggard’s best music came after Reagan gave him a second chance.