Weekly Wrap-Up

The old saying goes that even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Bill Clinton hit one of the them yesterday when he took on the Black Lives Matter movement.  The strain of the primary season is apparent with his outburst and certainly with Hillary’s meltdowns.  The Investor’s Business Daily has this to say about Hillary’s melting.  Few expected Bernie to be such a thorn in the coronation process, certainly not Hill and Bill, but he is, and the democratic primary is heating up and getting personal.  Even after Bernie dismissed Hillary’s problems with her emails and server, which will become front and center between her and the eventual republican winner

Grover Norquist writes about the 6 new voting blocks that won’t want Hillary in the White House, which also helps explain why the Democrats are worried that the Sanders/Clinton rhetoric risks a White House win. 

Charles Krauthammer says in today’s column that the “coming train wreck” on the republican side makes one think that the candidates are trying to lose the general election in November.

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Townhall.com reports that Environmental International has a new report about hydrofracking and is disappointed that the fears of “fracking” seem to be unfounded.  The report is too late for New Yorker’s since we have a Governor who caved to the alarmist who believed a non-scientific documentary.

The NY Post is reporting how the shortened background check — from 12 to 18 months to just 3 months – is letting Syrian refugees into America to reach President Obama’s goal of 10,000 by September, the floor number, clearly not the ceiling.

Corruption in the NYPD is being handled by Commissioner Bill Bratton swiftly with the dismissal of the targets, unlike Mayor Bill de Blasio who believes he is above the law.

On the bright side, baseball is back, which means a summer lull from all the political bickering will be a welcomed relief.  Have a great weekend.