Daily Update

Governor Cuomo has done it again; he has banned non-essential state-funded travel to Mississippi.  (If it is non-essential, why is anyone going, but that discussion we can leave for another day.)  Governor Cuomo, who recently traveled to Cuba — where diversity is almost non-existent — had this to say “We believe our diversity is our greatest strength, and we will continue to reject the politics of division and exclusion…”  If the politics of division and exclusion is granting religious organizations the ability to practice their First Amendment constitutional rights then Governor Cuomo does not understand our Constitution at all nor does he understand theDeclaration of Independence that began our journey to freedom.  

National Review speculates that the US Supreme Court may try to work out a compromise for the Little Sisters.

Governor Cuomo is not going to be pleased with Michael Goodwin’s latest column in the NY Post.

More guns does not mean more murders.

The Tax Foundation reminds us that we spend more on taxes then we do on food, clothing and housing combined.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.