Daily Update

E. J.  McMahon begins his Op-Ed in today’s New York Post with this, “The budget adopted by New York’s Legislature last week was described by Gov. Cuomo as “the best plan that the state has produced. . . in decades, literally.”  If this is truly the “best” New York can do, we’re in even more trouble than we thought.”  Read the rest of his Op-Ed here.

Chairman Mike Long thinks Senate GOP members opened themselves up to potential primaries from the right after acquiescing to Gov. Cuomo’s push for a $15 minimum wage and statewide paid family leave program.  Read the rest of Ken Lovett’s article here.

Tom Precious writes in his Buffalo News column how unions were the big winners in the 2016 Budget while small business needs were ignored.  Little did we know that when Gov. Cuomo told us in 2011 that New York was open for business, he only meant businesses run by unions. 

E. J. McMahon also brings up the looming problem of how to pay for the personal income tax the Governor is touting in the budget.  Why do we get the feeling that the “benefit” will cost us more in the long run?

PBA President Pat Lynch has some insight as to why there has been a rise in city shootings and slashing’s. 

Jimmy Vielkind writes in Politico how the discretionary funds in this year’s budget have grown to a total of $1.49 billion.   

Mayor de Blasio is finally livid over the questionable nursing home flip.

George J. Marlin gives us a look at the dark side of progressivism.