Weekly Wrap-Up

With last night’s budget announcement, Gov. Cuomo declared New York “the progressive leader” thanks to the new $15 minimum wage – showing that his main priority is and always will be politics and ideology, not good policy.

The budget contains new regulations like the $15 minimum wage and paid family leave; a huge spending increase for union-controlled schools, another increase in “transportation spending” that is supposed to fix roads and bridges (a promise New Yorkers have heard time and again) and an overall spending increase; but no ethics reforms to curb corruption in Albany. 

Here is one list of winners (unions, big government) and losers small business owners, good government, democracy). 

Some think the budget’s tax cut is a worthwhile accomplishment – but it doesn’t kick in until 2018, and even then, will it make a difference if more and more taxpayers leave the state?  (Remember, it’s already happening, and “progressive” trendsetter California – an inspiration for Cuomo and the liberals – is leading the way here too.)

What do you think – what’s the worst part of the new state budget? Who gets hurt the most with this new deal? Do you think tax relief is enough to make up for the new “progressive” mandates?  Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

New York is making national political news with our primary just around the corner. 

Trump leads on the Republican side, and Hillary’s ahead for the Democrats – but is Hillary losing her grip on New York?

Bernie Sanders is breaking fundraising records, and a “Never Hillary” group is forming to match the “Never Trump” uprising on the Republican side.

The New York Post says our state deserves a debate between the left-wing candidates. 

Hillary’s got some nerve, you have to give her that. 

Have a great weekend!