Daily Update

Newsday (subscription required) has more of Chairman Long’s reaction to the NYS Budget.

And like us, the Syracuse Post Standard is not supportive of the budget’s slush funds.

Congressional Candidate, John Faso, if elected has an excellent proposal to help beleaguered taxpayers get some relief from burdensome county taxes; he will introduce legislation amending federal law (42 USC 1396a) to eliminate a state’s ability to impose a local government share of Medicaid costs.  Read more about his proposal here.

16 Democratic Attorney Generals are totally out of control, and NY’s AG, Eric Schneiderman is one of them.  Read about the latest inquisition here.  Then read this:  Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare.   Gives you a better understanding why the 16 AG’a are so out of control.

The New York Sun critiques yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the “One Man/One Vote” rule. 

The progressive curse that keeps killing Bronx jobs.

Constitution.Com explains why entitlement reform is absolutely necessary.

Hillary’s flip-flopping is evident while campaigning in New York state.  Read about it here and here.

Regular readers know we end our blog on Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell’s column.  Today we give you the other side of his column by including Pat Buchanan’s perspective and still end with Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.