Daily Update

President Obama is going to Cuba on Sunday and will attend a state dinner with the dictator, excuse me, President of Cuba, Raul Castro.  His wife and children will accompany him, but there is no mention that Mayor de Blasio and his wife will go back to where they honeymooned. 

This is where they are going — to a country still protecting some of America’s most wanted terrorists. These still-dangerous revolutionaries roam the island, disenchanted about all things American.  Four of them — Joanne Chesimard, William Guillermo Morales, Victor Manuel Gerena and Charles Hill — hail from US-based domestic terror organizations whose violent track record includes bringing about the deaths of 17 police officers, five American civilians and two members of the US military, as well as perpetrating a string of 159 bombings that have destroyed the lives and families of many more.  Read the rest of the NY Post article by Rick Fuentes here.

Let us not forget the pain that Joseph Connor lives with every day since the murder of his father by FALN members who bombed Fraunces Tavern and still roam free in Cuba.

Mayor de Blasio is closing his controversial fund-raising arm…but will it be gone forever?  I would not be surprised if it reappears in the future.

Governor Cuomo and his union compatriots have spent $1.72 million on lobbying aimed to increase the minimum wage.  The fight for fifteen is a union driven effort determined to disregard the damage it will do to non-union New Yorkers.

Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi said the governor opposes the Senate GOP budget plan that would cut virtually all state aid from communities that don’t cooperate with immigration officials.  He went on to say that “Our strength is its diversity and that’s something that stood whether we had Democratic mayors, Republican mayors or independent mayors.”  Mr. Azzopardi, (Governor Cuomo and Speaker Heastie) the difference is that the people you are referring to came here legally!!  The GOP proposal should be adopted immediately.

Governor Cuomo gets bad advice…from his sister.