Daily Update

Today’s breaking news is that President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the open seat due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  President Obama’s moderate choice is currently the chief judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the D. C. Circuit. From the news reports, Judge Garland has been on President’s short list for 6 years, saving him, for when he might need someone palatable to Republicans. (His anti-gun position should make him not so palatable.)   NPR paints a rosy picture of Judge Garland and most would agree that he may someday make a good Supreme Court Justice.  He was confirmed by a 76-23 vote when then President Bill Clinton nominated him for the Appeals Court.  Ironically, Clinton nominated him in 1995 and he was not confirmed until 1997 — after the 1996 Presidential Elections.   He had to wait in 1995 and he should have to wait again.

Our US Senate Candidate, Wendy Long, responds to Judge Garland’s nomination here.

According to the Daily Signal, the Justice Department is perfectly okay with non-citizens voting in federal elections, or apparently any elections.

Hillary is very gaffe prone lately.  Could it be the pressure of the campaign?  If so, how will Hillary withstand the real pressures of being president?  We should all plan on letting her have a very long rest.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey has another good column in today’s NY Post on American hospitals and the plagues they refuse to face. 

Seldom do the NY Post and the NY Daily News have an editorial with the same position on the same day.  Today is one of those days, Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis (A Bill Clinton appointee) did not make a mistake three years ago, he is making it now.

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