Weekly Wrap-Up

This week President Obama played politics with the Supreme Court, of course. Alexander Hamilton would not be pleased. 

It’s important for conservatives to stand united, because so many vital issues hang in the balance – from gun control and the right to life, to Obamacare and amnesty, to religious freedom, national security and “global warming” regulations.

Harry Reid, though, is confident that the GOP will cave and do Obama’s bidding. 

As this battle plays out, the New York Post reminds us that Republicans are playing by the Democrats’ rules – but really, the Biden Rule is a good guide for the GOP in this fight.

The Biden Rule holds that, “once the political season is underway… action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. That is what is fair to the nominee, and essential to the process.”

Do you agree with Joe Biden that the Senate should wait until the end of the “political season” and let the next President fill the Supreme Court vacancy? Do you think Harry Reid is right – that the GOP will inevitably cave in to the Obama Administration?  Which issue are you most concerned about if President Obama is allowed to twist the Supreme Court to the left? 

Those are the questions in our new Weekly Poll – I look forward to seeing the responses!

Also this week: The Obama Administration finally does the right thing and admits that ISIS is guilty of genocide – but the decision is probably more about Obama’s legacy than human rights.

It seems that Hillary is “confused” again – or just lying: It’s hard to know when she makes the patently outrageous claim that no Americans died in Libya on her watch. 

Finally this week, Marco Rubio crashed and burned… Trump seems poised for victory here in New York… John Kasich may well be Trump’s best political friend right now… and not everyone agrees with Mr. Trump that we’ve “had enough” debates

Have a great weekend!