Daily Update

Jonathan Turley, not known for his conservative views, but considered fair, thinks Hillary’s situation is more precarious,  “DOJ does not give immunity without something valuable from a potential target like Bryan Pagliano.”  Read what he has to say here.

Here is Guy Benson’s take on the immunity for Pagliano.

The Daily Signal gives us five important exchanges made during yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellersted. 

Meanwhile, Congress continues to investigate the selling of aborted babies’ body parts.

Senator DeFranciso is being targeted for standing up for small businesses and taxpayers by the local unions.  What will they do when they see what Rob Astorino says here?

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts makes another mind-boggling decision. 

Thirty-one percent of the government’s assets are student’s loans.  Oh dear, the Obama Administration has prevented good job creation to help students pay them off.  This is not good news for American taxpayers.