Daily Update

Super Tuesday is over and one family will remember the day, not because of politics, but because that was the day they buried Ashley Guindon.  The longest lines in Virginia led to the flag-covered coffin of a woman who served her country in the Marine Reserves, became a police officer and was killed on the first day she reported to work.  It certainly puts things into perspective.  Rest in Peace, Ashley Guindon.    

Another newspaper editorial board says the $15 an hour minimum wage not the answer to remedying New York’s income inequality.  Part of what they say is “We have no doubt that his heart is in the right place. Cuomo is a brawler who never shies away from a fight, a trait we admire. But in a state cleaved by the upstate-downstate divide that characterizes all policy discussions, the governor should take a serious look at exploring these alternatives before driving the state in the ditch with such a rushed policy.  Read the rest of the editorial here.

The NY Torch explains the unsavory roots of the minimum wage here.

The US Supreme Court heard the latest abortion regulation case today.  With Justice Scalia — a strong pro-life Justice no longer on the bench — there is no telling how the case will be settled, if it is settled.  Let’s not forget why Texas adopted the stricter regulations.  The Supreme Court must insure that there is never another Gosnell’s house of horrors.

AARP supports the Family Leave Act which doesn’t surprise us but does disappoint us.  Are they getting paid as much for supporting this as they did for supporting Obamacare?  Obamacare is still draining our economy and President Obama is still illegally diverting money to insurers.  AARP stop supporting costly government programs consumers cannot afford.

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