Weekly Wrap-Up

Some think that this week’s debate was Donald Trump’s worst yet – and others think that the big loser was America.

This week Mitt Romney came out swinging against Donald Trump – but is Romney really the guy Republicans should turn to for political advice? 

Investor’s Business Daily thinks the political establishment in D.C. has earned this upheaval – and they mean BOTH parties. 

John Podhoretz has a take on the slight possibility that Rubio and Cruz might be able to take down Trump – with “slight” being the most important word, as of right now. 

What’s your take on the Trump situation: Will you vote for him if he’s the nominee? Which of the remaining GOP candidates (if any) would you prefer instead of Donald Trump? And regardless of who wins the Republican nomination, would you consider supporting a third-party or “independent” candidate for the White House?  Those are the three questions I’m asking you to consider in our new Weekly Poll – I look forward to seeing the results! 

Whoever gets the GOP nod, they’ll be running against a woman who could have conceivably gotten a U.S. ambassador killed (and who’s apparently getting paid handsomely by her own campaign).

Did you hear reports this week about how much “undocumented” immigrants pay in taxes? Don’t believe it – the truth is that illegal aliens cost America plenty.

And if you’ve heard any of President Obama’s misleading claims about the Supreme Court nomination process, here is a nice history lesson.

In case you haven’t heard, Wendy Long announced her candidacy for the U. S. Senate.  You can watch her announcement here.  The Conservative Party is proud to endorse Mrs. Long (no relation to Chairman Long) on Saturday in Brooklyn, NY.. 

I will be on the “Effective Radio with Bill Samuels” show this Sunday at 11:00 AM to discuss term limits, corruption in Albany and a host of other issues. I hope you’ll tune in on AM970 – you can also use this link to listen live. 

Have a great weekend!