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Daily Update

Fredric U. Dicker’s Monday column in the NY Post state’s “Trump’s staff says it’s ‘full steam ahead’ in New York.”   We attest Mr. Dicker’s headline and hope that you will join us on September 7 when Donald J. Trump attends our 2016 Presidential Reception and accepts tour nomination to run on the Conservative Party’s line in November.  Don’t miss out on this exciting event, make your reservation today

Byron York: Onstage, Trump sheds ego, lays off media, hones new role and his numbers are up reflecting the presidential Donald J. Trump

Hillary’s campaign is beginning to crack, despite all of the free media help she is privy to and the ability to lie through her smile.  Did you see this article over the weekend?  What an eye-opener!  Of course, the Clinton Campaign denies any “active role.”  The Washington Times has an article on how the Clinton Foundation used Huma Abedin to set up meetings between Hillary and big supporters.   Hillary tries to gets help from her beloved husband Bill, but Bill gets 3 Pinocchios for his spin.  Today, Colin Powell sets the record straight on another Hillary lie.  And, the FBI found almost 15,000 emails Hillary never turned over to them after she said she handed all of them over.  Anyone concerned about government taking their money to redistribute it will realize just how much Hillary plans on taking with plans like this.   All of this is so tiring for Hillary that she had to take a private jet for a 20 mile trip!

Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet another plan to spend your money — this time one plan will cost you twice!  New York is number 1 again…this time in spending $2.6 billion on tax breaks for the film industry from 1997 to 2015, far outpacing every other state in the country.  Thanks Gov. Cuomo, we just want to know why when there is so little in return.

The Daily Signal tells us what the media gets wrong about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Monday’s with Robert Knight.