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Daily Update

Programming Alert:   Wednesday, 5/24. Chairman Long will appear on  NY1’s Town Hall meeting to discuss immigration with other distinguished guests and a live audience.  For more information, click here. 

In Saudi Arabia, Trump Asks, “Will We Be Indifferent in the Presence of Evil?   From National Review:  Trump’s Statesmanlike Speech in Riyadh.  This is Roger Kimball’s assessment of President Trump’s speech:  Donald Trump’s Invigorating Speech in Riyadh. Arnold Steinberg, who has a long history with Saudi Arabia, writes this in the American Spectator:  The Washington Times calls it an “historic speech” that implores Muslim world to rip out Islamic extremism at its roots.  Ambassador John Bolton calls the speech, “a good start.”

Trump in Israel: ‘Iran Must Never Be Allowed to Possess a Nuclear Weapon’.  

The left wants us to think we are imagining that the main stream media is fair, thanks to Harvard (surprise) we now have proof that we are not.  The full interesting report is here.  What is especially interesting is this: Although journalists are accused of having a liberal bias, their real bias is a preference for the negative.[22] News reporting turned sour during the Vietnam and Watergate era and has stayed that way.[23] Journalists’ incentives, everything from getting their stories on the air to acquiring a reputation as a hard-hitting reporter, encourage journalists to focus on what’s wrong with politicians rather than what’s right.[24] Once upon a time, the “honeymoon” period for a newly inaugurated president included favorable press coverage.[25] That era is now decades in the past.”  Conservatives are normally people that believe the glass is half full, not half empty, we work for the positive and when the news focuses on the negative it hits us twice has hard. 

Derek Hunter writes in Townhall.com that there is something fundamentally wrong with liberals.

 Like many we believe that leaks from the White House to the press undermines the good that the current administration is trying to accomplishment.  

The Daily Signal gives us a “heads-up” on the major entitlement overhaul that could be part of Trump’s budget. (Of course, the press will emphasize the negative, so read this to know what President Trump wants to do and why.)

Dodd-Frank Has Crippled Our Economic Recovery. This Bill Would Unleash Real Growth Again.

Mayor de Blasio is so free with our money; never caring about the possible consequences.  Unfortunately, for us, he isn’t the only one.  

Robert Knight opines how the ACLU employs an army of ex-cons.