Statement From NYS Conservative Party 5/24/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 24, 2024

Statement on Governor Hochul’s ‘Clowns’ Insult by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

“Governor Kathy Hochul has now joined Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo in broadly disparaging millions of New Yorkers simply because of what they believe. Mrs. Clinton called conservatives ‘deplorables’, Mr. Cuomo said conservatives were unwelcome in New York State, and, now, Mrs. Hochul is calling us ‘clowns.’ These insults say far more about today’s political left than they do about conservatives.

“President Trump, who will  joust sharply with political opponents over issues, won’t disparage entire groups of people for their belief structures. But to today’s progressive Democrats, who claim to be liberal minded, anyone who disagrees with them is unworthy of respect, or even politeness. Conservatives are met solely with scorn and derision, even on a personal level.

“The Conservative Party vehemently disagrees with the woke policies Governor Hochul has enacted in New York. We believe they have made the state less safe, less affordable, and less competitive. But we would never call the governor a ‘clown’ for her principles or beliefs. That would be beneath us, just as her comments yesterday were beneath the dignity of her office. We encourage her better angels to do the talking next time. What she said yesterday is unacceptable.”