Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 5/17/24


The big news this week in New York State was the win in the State Supreme Court in Livingston County halting Hochul and the Progressive Democrats’ attempt to change the State Constitution. If successfully appealed, it would negatively impact parents rights and a variety of longtime protected areas, such as gender identity requiring biological men and women entry into cross gender competition. The Conservative Party has been immensely vocal in our opposition to the amendment.

Ironically, the decision was based on the failure of the Democrats to follow the State Constitution’s stipulation that the legislature could not act on any constitutional amendment until they had a written opinion from the State Attorney General.

The Democratically controlled Senate and Assembly, totally focused on legal abortion being pushed back to the States, threw the law to the wind looking to codify abortion in the State Constitution using the opportunity to add countless unrelated categories into the change. 

The Judge, clearly wanting to issue a belts and suspenders decision, wrote a 32-page document which in any fair judicial system should be the end of it. In fact, the initial response from the Legislature and AG was this is the way we always did it. You do not need to be a legal scholar to know ignorance of the law is never a good reason to violate the law.

In short, the Governor and her left-wing cronies simply got caught.

Early this week the Attorney General appealed to the 4th Department in Rochester.  The case will be heard shortly. All the reasoning and arguments are on our side.  Yet in New York State, in which the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals voted to give Elephants human rights, nothing is safe or sacred.

Assemblywoman Marjorie Bynes brought the action and the case was argued for our side by noted attorneys Bobbie Anne Cox and Chris Browne.

You can view our full press release here: 


I joined tens of thousands of President Trump supporters on a beach in Wildwoods, NJ last Saturday to rally for his re-election to the Presidency. Organized by local GOP Congressman Jeff Van Drew, it was said to be the largest political rally in New Jersey history. I can believe it, considering it was literally a sea of people.

I had been an invited guest, seated up front with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Congress Members Chris Smith, Nicole Malliotakis and Jeff Van Drew nearby. I had made the two-and-a-half-hour drive to the event with Congresswoman Malliotakis, who accompanied the President to court this past Monday.

President Trump arrived late, threw away his notes, and then spoke for an hour and a half. He was funny, articulate, but most all, for those who listened closely, quite substantive.

That is what I found most interesting; mingled in the jokes and political commentary was international affairs, the economy, illegal immigration, energy policy, public safety, the environment and so on. The media’s focus is always on everything other than what he hopes to accomplish as President.

I suppose that has been the way it has been since the beginning for Donald Trump. Many of us look at his four years as a great success from the perspective of accomplishments. Others want to focus on his tweets and style.

Soon all Americans will need to choose. Although, I consider it an easy choice. 


Patriots Podium episode #24 featuring Anthony Casale, the A Republican Commissioner of the NYS  Board of Elections is available now! Tony has been a long-time friend and has an extensive background in government and public affairs having served as a Republican/Conservative member of the State Assembly, Chairman of the NYS Liquor Authority, and Vice President of Government Relations at Lynn University. This is a very informative podcast covering an array of material such as even-year election law, early voting, mail-in voting, the need for ID to vote, and the ins and outs of what goes on at the Board of Elections. I encourage you to give it a listen, as this information will be helpful on the campaign trails for November! 

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