Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-up 2/23/24


I am happy to report that the 2nd Department of the State Supreme Court Appellate Term upheld a lower court decision, of which I was a citizen plaintiff, that declared non-citizen voting in NYC municipal elections unconstitutional.

Although not unanimous, the decision could hardly be clearer. The New York City law passed by the Democrats in the City Council and signed by Mayor Adams was as the lower court correctly ruled unconstitutional and further violated additional provisions of New York State law addressing home rule issues.

I was one of several citizen plaintiffs. Many local elected officials whom the Party supports including Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, Councilman Joe Borelli, State Senator Andrew Lanza & Assemblyman Michael Tannousis among others joined. Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella played a key role in organizing the original case and appeal.

A special shout out to the Republican National Committee that came in heavy to assist with the successful appeal.

See our attached press release here:


The reality is that Governor Hochul has never been popular. She won the closest statewide election since 2002, has had many of her key programs and legislative items rejected, managed to become a national conversation on her mishandling of border security and public safety, and has had public polling numbers that swing from barely popular to quite unpopular.

Unfortunately, too many New Yorkers vote with their feet when confronted with present-day New York created by her and the Democratically controlled legislature.

Her fallback on everything from her overreaching environmental policies to unchecked shoplifting and abuse of the Second Amendment is to talk about her support for legal abortion until term.

New Yorkers consistently want her gone. The Conservative Party took the lead on running Lee Zeldin in 2022. This year is not a Gubernatorial election year; however, it is an election year for the entire state legislature.  The Party is in the process of nominating dozens of excellent candidates.  Get involved in supporting their campaigns. If you would like to make contact, we should be able to assist.  Call us at 718- 921- 2158.

See the attached press release on the matter here:


On the nineteenth episode of Patriots Podium, I was pleased to have a known Conservative radio host of the Vernuccio-Novak Report, Frank Vernuccio. A little background on the Vernuccio-Novak report, it is a very popular radio show currently running in 12 cities across New York and televised as the American Political Zone. Franks Corporation has been around for 12 years and is a great resource for conservative thinkers. In addition, he is also a Bronx native and has been active with the Conservative Party for decades. After the show, if you want to find out more about the Vernuccio-Novak report you can go to their website at

On this episode of Patriots Podium, we discuss the real threats to our Democracy, analyze foreign policy, Biden’s failed leadership, border security, and much more. This is a very informative podcast with expert opinions, tune in to listen to our thoughts on Russia, China, and The Ukraine. You can view the podcast using any of the links below:

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At this year’s CPPAC, you might have seen our Director of Operations, Andrew Davis, going around and interviewing attendees on their thoughts on this year’s event. With the gracious help of Katie Mahon, we were able to bring the project to fruition. It’s a short, less than five-minute clip, loaded with interviews and pictures from CPPAC. I hope you enjoy it, and please share it around! We hope to see you next year!

You can view the production on YouTube here: