Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 1/19/24


You know you are in trouble when your Governor’s budget address is complimented for not being as bad as previous budgets or those of Governor Cuomo whom she played second fiddle to as his Lieutenant.

It’s real big at $233 billion, in fact, the biggest ever. It continues to spend billions on migrant issues ranging from added security, to housing, and items such as health and education; as she hopes that the flow of illegal migrants, that she and Adams welcomed, slows. It is balanced through shifts in spending, use of a rainy day fund to cover the storm the Democrats created, kicking the can down the road in some cases, and assumptions in revenue and federal aid that likely will not be realized. She offers the taxpayers of the second highest taxed state per capita in the nation the hallow good news that she will not raise Personal Income Taxes again. And she continues expensive, unrealistic, and unpopular environmental programs that will continue to drive businesses and residents to other states.

She acknowledges NYS has a public safety problem that can be attributed to bad laws. She offers no legislative approach to reversing them. Her comments on the shoplifting crisis were as credible as stopping a broken pipe with a band-aid. After failure and criticism of last year’s budget, her approach hopes to gather support by being a bad budget, instead of a very bad budget.

It is not going to change the systemic problems facing New York State. Worse yet, as a starting document it will be shredded by lobbyists, and the State Legislature looking to continue their dominance of all aspects of New York State government, since her monumental losses last year during the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals nominating process and budget negotiations.

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Say what you want, but President Trump fully met expectations in a decisive win in Iowa. We are close to the point in which all candidates should unite behind a single candidate to allow a focus on defeating Joe Biden, taking control of the US Senate, and holding the house.

The State Conservative Party has not made an endorsement in the election for President, but endorsements from our county organizations continue to move forward with Orange, and the Bronx, most recently endorsing President Trump.

Several Conservative Party endorsed Members of Congress including Nick Langworthy, Claudia Tenney and of course Elise Stefanik, have formally come out for Trump. Others like Nicole Malliotakis have expressed support for Trump with endorsements expected in the upcoming weeks.

Elise Stefanik has received extensive media coverage for being on a short list for Vice President. Former Congressman Lee Zeldin is reported to have undergone special media training as he too is being considered. I will keep you posted on the matter.


Just a reminder, our 56th Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference is quickly approaching this February 4th, and 5th at the Albany Hilton Hotel! We have a fantastic event planned with an array of speakers, legislators, break-out sessions, receptions, and conservative activists…ALL for the low price of $200.

Beginning Sunday, February 4th, I will kick off the day with welcome remarks at 12:15, followed by our first speaker, Joe Pinion. Joe, as a youthful conservative, will be discussing “renewing the American dream for a new generation.”  We will be joined by John McLaughlin, who will be discussing how to get in the head of today’s independent voter, political strategy, and much more. Shortly after, given horrific current events, we will be hosting a panel on “The Alarming Rise of Antisemitism in Israel’s Greatest Ally.” We will also have expert commentators on the topics of property rights, and the overwhelming migrant crisis that will be announced in the coming days.

In addition to great speakers, we are lucky enough to have informative breakout sessions throughout the day such as activating your absentee voters, potential pitfalls of operating a party, and much more!

Sunday evening, we will discuss election integrity and “Securing the Vote” with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. Followed by our Legislative Reception at 6:00 pm featuring members of New York’s Congressional and State Legislative Delegation. If you are interested in keeping the party going, you can attend our after-hour events starting at 8:00 pm and enjoy a cigar, or a drink with like-minded individuals.

The next day, February 5th, we will start our day off with a breakfast buffet, followed by a session on what New Yorkers can expect in 2024. You can also expect to have an expert panel on America’s ties to Taiwan, and US/the Republic of China relations. If you are interested in media, we have a fantastic session called “Mediating Relationships with Modern Media” featuring Ryan Girdursky, Elizabeth Benjamin, and John Fund who are all well-known in the media world. We are also grateful to be joined by Matt Valliere, the Executive Director of Parents Rights Action Fund to discuss the inhumane and inherent dangers of assisted suicide.

Around 12:00 pm Monday, Lee Zeldin will be joining us for a press conference regarding Congressional Reapportionment. As the situation is developing, Lee will give us the most updated information on the matter.

At 12:30 pm on Monday, we will kick off our luncheon with our keynote speaker, David Keene.

At 6:00 pm Monday, we will host our 2024 Reception and award dinner, which will truly be a great evening. You won’t want to miss this event. You can purchase your ticket here, or print a registration form to mail in.

In 2024, we are choosing a U.S. Senator, deciding upon members of our congressional delegation, selecting state legislators, and weighing in on a proposed constitutional amendment. It is imperative to the future of our great nation and the stability of our state that voters choose well.